What is Realbotix?

Realbotix is a project dedicated to integrating cutting edge emerging technologies with silicone doll artistry to provide a bridge between technology and humankind on emotional, mental, and physical levels. We're working to create the next generation of the well-known anatomically correct RealDolls, which we intend to blend with Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, touch sensors, internal heaters, virtual and augmented reality interfaces. These new dolls will have an animated face synchronized with an application that users can talk to and interact with. The purpose behind the project is to create an illusion, or alternative to reality when it comes to a relationship with a doll. These RealDolls will have the ability to listen, remember and talk naturally, like a living person. They will have hyper-realistic features, warmth, and sensors that react to touch. When interacting with these dolls, we want users to ask themselves, "What is she thinking?"

What are the products you are developing?

For the last twenty years, RealDoll has been creating the world's most realistic silicone dolls. Today we are going the next step, creating a robotic head that will have facial expressions as well as eye and mouth movements, a learning capable Artificial Intelligence App, a Virtual Reality system, a head adapter containing a Bluetooth speaker, embedded touch sensors and internal heaters. Going forward, we intend to expand the technical sophistication beyond the head. Ultimately, we're aiming for a fully functional amorous companion.

What made you come up with this idea?

The Realdoll itself started as a concept for a hyper realistic posable mannequin. The public reaction pushed us into making them anatomically correct and sexually functional. The next natural step has always been adding AI, sensors, heaters and robotics to the dolls; Only in the last five years has the emergence of new technologies given us the tools to make this move possible.

Is Realbotix related to RealDoll?

Yes. Realbotix is a division of Abyss Creations LLC, the maker of RealDoll, dedicated to adding robotics and Artificial Intelligence to its acclaimed ultra-realistic anatomically correct silicone dolls.

What is the Animagnetic Head?

It's our current project, a robotic head to be used as a stand-alone product or attached to a RealDoll silicone body. It will have animated facial expressions and animated eyes that will move and blink, along with a mouth that lip syncs while speaking, all housed within a head that tilts and rotates. It will feature an external smooth silicone face that can be detached from the hard plastic skull and exchanged for different faces, allowing multiple characters.
>The internal components include several types of robotic servos, circuit boards and proprietary patented magnet technology. This head will be linked through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the user’s smartphone that has our AI system installed. The AI application will wirelessly control all head animations, expressions and talking.
Our goal is to produce a robotic system that is easy to maintain, can produce realistic animations and expressions, all while keeping an affordable final consumer price.

What is the Release Date, and What Other Projects are in Development?

The first version of our artificial intelligence Android application, "Harmony AI," can be [link to software page suggested] ordered and installed now.[/end link] While we're still perfecting the Realbotix head, you can pre-order yours and be among the first to receive this marvel of technology. We hope to start sending out Realbotix heads [time frame]. Looking further into the future, we're working on VR software which will give users more options for interacting with the head and the AI personality developed in the Harmony App. We're working on even more exciting accessories, such as embedded touch sensors, eye cameras, and self-regulating internal heaters.

I'm already a RealDoll owner. Can I purchase only the Robotic head to use with my doll?

Yes, the robotic head will be fully compatible with RealDoll existing bodies, and we are designing adaptors for most of the bodies we have produced over the years.

Can I purchase only the Robotic Head?

Yes. If you want to purchase only the Robotic Head, you will also have to get our Head Stand and our AI app. Alternately, the head can be attached to a bust.

How much the Robotic Head will cost?

That depends on the options you choose. You can see our pricing structure on the pre-order page. We've tried to keep an affordable consumer price while bringing you cutting-edge technology.

Will I Still be Able to Use the Mouth for Oral Gratification?

Yes. The mouth is fully equipped as any other Realdoll.

Are you creating a super advanced AI?

We are designing the Harmony AI system to be fun and engaging, more than focusing on whether it can fool you into thinking it's a human being. The key words for us are "Personality, Respect, Love and Empathy". When you first install the app, you will be able to create and customize a 3D Avatar. The next step will be choosing among multiple attributes, traits and emotions that you find appealing and these initial choices will affect how the AI will behave when interacting with you. You can have your version of the AI be more or less happy, shy, sensual, funny, talkative etc. This means every user will have a unique experience with his virtual companion. Users can interact with the Harmony app stand-alone, or connect the App to the robotic head dolls, or even connect the app to the Virtual Reality platform. The Harmony AI will be capable of learning it’s user’s moods, preferences, and behavior patterns and respond accordingly.

Will the AI app be similar to SIRI, Cortana, Alexa or Google Talk?

We are focusing our efforts on creating an app that can be fully customized regarding the visual aspects of the 3D Avatar and the AI personality, that can express love and feelings rather than act merely as a digital Assistant. There will be of course many similarities. The AI app will have some assistant functionality to search for information in the web, or setting reminders, assisting the user with the weather, the time, storytelling, alarms, tasks and to do lists, but everything will be done with a lot more personality than one would expect from a typical personal assistant based AI. The Harmony app is vastly different than existing AI apps, and can connect with you in ways you may not expect.

What is the final goal regarding the AI system?

We want users to have that illusion that the doll is actually talking to you and that she’s got sentience. That’s what will overwhelms our users. That's what takes the longest. We already spent many years building the basic personality for our AI system, and it will continue to evolve over the time

Do you think an AI RealDoll will ever be able to love us back?

We hope that we can at least simulate that. That's the goal. It is our thinking that if one feels loved, then one must be loved.

I'm already a RealDoll owner. Will the AI app be something I will be able to enjoy without needing the robotic head being developed?

Yes. You only need to have the Harmony app installed in your smartphone and our Bluetooth Speaker placed inside your doll's head, so her voice will come from your RealDoll, offering a more natural experience, without the financial investment required for the full robotic head system.

Is it possible to have only the Harmony AI app, without having the Doll or the Robotic Head?

Yes. The app will be full featured software, offering a customizable 3D Avatar with artificial intelligence that you can use with or without a physical doll.

What is the Bluetooth Speaker head adapter for?

The Bluetooth Speaker will be linked to the Harmony AI app. Instead of having the AI app’s answers coming from the Mobile device, they will come from the Bluetooth Speaker, which in embedded in a special skull cap made to fit your doll’s head, offering a much better experience. If you already have a RealDoll, you can place the head adapter onto your dolls skull, and talk to her through the Harmony app installed on your smartphone.

Can I place a Bluetooth speaker inside other objects like Teddy Bears or custom robotic projects to have a conversation with?

Yes. You will just need to have the Harmony AI app installed on your smartphone. Note that the AI content is adult oriented, but we can easily customize it to any project’s needs.

Will Realbotix fitted dolls have sensors or other accessories?

Yes. We are working on several different sensors and sensor equipped inserts to increase the ways that the AI can react to the user. There will be touch sensors, accelerometers, internal heaters and even Teledildonics, which is a technology which can be used to remotely control sex toys.

Are you exploring technology to bring internal heating and fluid compartments to enhance the feel and function of the body?

Absolutely. We have multiple R&D projects on the go, and these are only a few of them!

How do you think this might impact the future of relationships?

We feel that our products will allow for an option that never existed before, and for some, may represent a happiness they never thought they could have. We also believe that this technology will prove to be a very effective way of helping certain people overcome social anxiety or relationship phobia.

How and where do you ship the dolls?

We ship in a sturdy unmarked crate to the whole world.

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